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Class Get Togethers

Notify Randi Benear Vanderpool with details about your class parties. Please include location & time.  You can email Randi at:  We will list details of the events here. 

Class of '71--11:00 Saturday at the Elementary School Cafeteria. Contact Steve Norsworthy at 620-338-1310. 
Class of 1970-join in at 1:00 (after lunch).

Class of 1985, 1988 & 1984--12:00 Saturday potluck lunch at Cindy Brenner residence, 414 E. Jefferson St. Contact Cindy at for details.

Class of 1978--1:00 Saturday drinks & snacks in the backyard at Tom Bartel residence, 309 N Meade Center. Contact Tom at with questions. 

Class of 1972, 1973 & 1974--6:30 Friday at Stone Shelter House, Meade City Park. BYOB and bring a lawn chair or two if you can.  

Class of 1959--2:00-4:00 Saturday in the basement of the Baptist Church, 510 E. Rainbelt. Contact Sharon Stockton at 620-873-2594.

Class of 2015--12:00 Saturday at the Forst Center, contact Dylan Wondra at 620-253-0625.

Class 2001--10:00-2:00 Saturday at Meade Lake Artesian Well Camping Area

Classes 1948-1952 - 11:30 to 1:30, Saturday, July 31, light lunch, croissant chicken salad sandwiches, chips, cookies, and drink.  United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall, 205 N Park, Meade.  Cost $10.00.  Contact Wilma Pennington, 620-873-2040 or Carolyn Meredith, 620-629-3073 for reservations by July 26th

Class of 1963, 1964 & 1965 — 11:00 Saturday gathering with refreshments at City Library meeting room. Contact Darryl at to register.

Class of 1966-69 — 12:00 Saturday lunch at the Lutheran Church (across from the elementary school) and stay to visit as long as we want the facility.

Class of 1981-82 - 11:00-2:00 Saturday at Meade City Park. Contact Deanna Wasson at 620-482-2069 or

Class of 1976-77-2:00-5:00 Saturday at Lutheran Church basement (across from the elementary school).

Class of 1999-1:30 Saturday at Meade State Lake swim area.

Class of 1987-1:00-4:00 Saturday for a drink or two at Ronda Alley Druells Mom, Linda Alley house, 406 W. Belle Meade. 

Class of 1974-1:00 Saturday for lunch at Phil & Jami Hardaway's home, 13145 17 Road, road west of airport north of 54 1/4 of a mile.

Class of 1980-2:00-4:00 Saturday at Bob's Drive In. 

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